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Sustainability 24th March 2021

Minding Our Planet - Ogam Oils Leads the Way

At Ogam Oils, we are committed to making and sourcing our products using the maximum natural and wild ingredients. We carefully select all components, including tree oils and essences, with a view to safety, efficacy and biodegradability. Our ethos started out with a very simple formula, we ensure we give back to the planet to support sustainability.

It all began with planting trees - our founder’s approach included dedicating her spare time to planting domestic trees! Local forestation has ebbed and flowed nationwide in the last ten years as some forests get felled. We have planted dozens and dozens of trees and our founder Roisin’s abundant knowledge and respect for the natural world continues to guide our operations at the HQ in Carlingford, Co Louth.

Our packaging is tailored to our Irish heritage. It is historical, uncomplicated, bespoke and fully recyclable. Our manufacturing is low carbon and low waste: we protect our small patch by renewing and recycling, ensuring we do our bit for the planet.

We supply our 100% natural products to pharmacies, clinical settings, holistic and health food shops all over the country, and beyond. So, you can enjoy our pure essential oils safe in the knowledge that we are minding our Planet and protecting her plant and animal kingdoms, so future generations can continue to enjoy the world’s glorious natural resources.